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TopMatch calculates the similarity of protein structures.

TopMatch can be used for single protein chains and multichain complexes.

For a quick start, here are some examples you can try upon your first visit:

Single protein chainsHuman hemoglobin and neuroglobin
(140 + 150 residues)
Crystallographic asymmetric unitsHistidine-tRNA synthetases
(780 + 840 residues)
Biological assembliesComplete ribosomes
(11.000 + 6.500 residues;
visualization may take some time…)
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For more information on input and results, please see TopMatch's Help page.
If you find TopMatch useful for your research, please cite the following reference:
Wiederstein & Sippl (2020).
TopMatch-web: pairwise matching of large assemblies of protein and nucleic acid chains in 3D.
Nucleic Acids Research, Web Server Issue 2020. image
The previous version of TopMatch-web is still available but will be retired soon.